Sunday, July 17, 2005

The purpose isn't politics --the purpose is pain.

In repsonse to Florence Yoo's Post.
Well the Psycho-dynamics seem the same for abusers and terrorists.

A group of mostly male abusive offenders (Batterers, rapists, serial killers) thinks:
1) they deserve an infantile level of care and attention from everyone else for no reason
2)that they can elicite this response msot usually given only to infants -- from people by any force they deem necessary

An abusive husband or a rapist thinks they can beat or torture any response that comes into their demented head by force up to torture and death. Often these demands are specious, undleiverable or symbolic.

Terrorists think they can make specious or undeliverable demands by any means they deem necessary. Like a classic abuser they often demand the undeliverable.

Obviously their purpose is not really the " stated demand." They want to enact their sadism. Their real puspose is what people often mistake as the 'means." In brief -- their real purpose is delivering pain. They are sadists.

This is obvious when these guys persist by going from country to country often unwelcome and killing people.

The purpose isn't politics --the purpose is pain.



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