Saturday, July 09, 2005

Abusive Behavior on an International Scale

While Updating my page at Feminist it occurred to me that Terror activity like that which occurred recently in London, UK was sort of Abusive Behavior on the International Scale.

The most popular article I publish at Feminist Journal is one on Avoiding Losers and Abusers." It gets thousands of views a month. Now -- this is because people wish to avoid having such an awful personal situation happen again.

It occurred to me that many of these horrible mindless terror situations are quite similar in many way to abusive relationships. Just as the abuser wishes to maintain unfair and unjust control over the abused the Terrorist wishes to control the behavior of innocent people by similar tactics. On re-reading the article I was quite struck by how many parallels exsit in this situation.

It is quite possible that governments wishing to dis-engage with terrorists need to apply some similar principles.
1) Detach
2) Seek help from willing friends
3) Find ways to get on with your life without them
4) Seek protection from future abuse.

While the international realm is not quite analogous to a relationship gone bad it does give one food for thought in dealing with the the sort of people that think "any means -- justify the end."

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