Friday, April 13, 2007

Don Imus and Slander

Many people have asked me what I thought about the recent comments by a Radio/TV commentator Don Imus in reference to the Rutger's Women's Basketball team in which he called them among other things "nappyheaded hos" and "jiggaboos." I actually watched his show that morning. I was appauled.

I am still appauled.

I thought I would hear a summary of Rutger's efforts and a complement or two for them. Instead I heard a weird rant about how almost winning a national play-off somehow made them prostitutes ("nappyheaded hos"). And then just to make sure anyone listening got the racial intent of this slur, he referred to them as "jiggaboos." The other commentators looked startled, and then made feeble attempts to argue/cover up for Mr. Imus's tirade. There was an editorial pause while some footage of the Rugers Game ran briefly. Then Mr. Imus mummbled that the girls on the other team were attractive. He sounded very insincere. Bad save Imus...

Now I believe in Free Speech. But Free Speech ends at defamation. Defamation is/are untrue remark(s) intended to harm people. There is a user friendly description of:
the Legal Definitions of Slander and Libel
at this link.

Certainly Mr. Imus's odd rant reached Slander proportions. This would indicate he made defamatory remarks in speech. Since the tapes of this will play forever, it may indeed reach a Libel status (defamation in print or other lasting medium). I'm not a lawyer -so they can fight that over in court if necessary. What troubles me most is the mindset demonstrated here.

After years of struggle, the young women on the Rutger's team certainly deserve some praise for their hard work. Instead on a combined radio/TV show with over a million viewers either listening or watching -- their reward from Mr. Imus for all their years of effort was to be called whores to a world wide audience. The additional racial slurs (nappyheaded and jiggaboos) make it plain to anyone --not just psychologists --- that some negative racial stereotype was also at play. The feeble mutterred afterwords did nothing to blur what was painfully obvious.

What a rotten thing to do. You find someone's golden life moment and ruin it in public. In front of over a million people, your years of hard work get you called a whore.

How motivating for other young women (much sarcasm intended) that the public reward for hard effort is such an insult. And that the insult is racially motivated only makes it more hurtful. How cruel.

I can't remotely imagine why this man did this. I'm sure his superiors thinking of a whole team's worth of individual libel suits against him and the network had much the same reaction. And I would like to think some of them felt personal anger that one of their employees said such mean things in public about good people who had accomplished something difficult to do. Instead of encouraging young people to better efforts, Mr. Imus had verbally kicked them down.

Shame on you Don Imus. What a rotten thing to do. I'm glad they sacked you.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The purpose isn't politics --the purpose is pain.

In repsonse to Florence Yoo's Post.
Well the Psycho-dynamics seem the same for abusers and terrorists.

A group of mostly male abusive offenders (Batterers, rapists, serial killers) thinks:
1) they deserve an infantile level of care and attention from everyone else for no reason
2)that they can elicite this response msot usually given only to infants -- from people by any force they deem necessary

An abusive husband or a rapist thinks they can beat or torture any response that comes into their demented head by force up to torture and death. Often these demands are specious, undleiverable or symbolic.

Terrorists think they can make specious or undeliverable demands by any means they deem necessary. Like a classic abuser they often demand the undeliverable.

Obviously their purpose is not really the " stated demand." They want to enact their sadism. Their real puspose is what people often mistake as the 'means." In brief -- their real purpose is delivering pain. They are sadists.

This is obvious when these guys persist by going from country to country often unwelcome and killing people.

The purpose isn't politics --the purpose is pain.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Abusive Behavior on an International Scale

While Updating my page at Feminist it occurred to me that Terror activity like that which occurred recently in London, UK was sort of Abusive Behavior on the International Scale.

The most popular article I publish at Feminist Journal is one on Avoiding Losers and Abusers." It gets thousands of views a month. Now -- this is because people wish to avoid having such an awful personal situation happen again.

It occurred to me that many of these horrible mindless terror situations are quite similar in many way to abusive relationships. Just as the abuser wishes to maintain unfair and unjust control over the abused the Terrorist wishes to control the behavior of innocent people by similar tactics. On re-reading the article I was quite struck by how many parallels exsit in this situation.

It is quite possible that governments wishing to dis-engage with terrorists need to apply some similar principles.
1) Detach
2) Seek help from willing friends
3) Find ways to get on with your life without them
4) Seek protection from future abuse.

While the international realm is not quite analogous to a relationship gone bad it does give one food for thought in dealing with the the sort of people that think "any means -- justify the end."

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